With Apache Stratos now in the incubator phase, We wish to invite committers to join our Apache Stratos Hangouts, learn the architecture, follow the next steps of the project and help to decide the way forward to make this a successful project.

2nd October 2014

Stratos 4.1.0 - M1 Developer Preview

23rd September 2014

Stratos Cluster Monitoring Improvement - Design and Code review

25th September 2014

Apache Stratos - Kubernetes Host Registration - Design and Code Review

18th September 2014

Apache Stratos Meta Data Service Review

16th September 2014

Apache Stratos 4.1.0 User Management and Permissions - Design and Code Review

12th August 2014

Stratos GCE demo

28th November - 7.00 AM (PDT)

CEP Integration for Apache Stratos 4.0.0


  • Introduction to CEP
  • Why CEP ?
  • CEP Integration
    • Integration Architecture
    • Event Flow
  • How to write CEP configs
    • Stream definition
    • Input event adapter
    • Event builder
    • Execution plan
    • Event formatter
    • Output event adapter
  • Demonstrations
25th November

Autoscaler Architecture of Apache Stratos 4.0.0


  • Introduction to Autoscaling
  • Apache Stratos Autoscaler Architecture
    • Component Architecture
    • Event Flow
  • Rules Engine
    • Why a Rules Engine
    • Rules for Apache Stratos Autoscaler
  • Autoscale Policy
    • Introduction to Autoscaler Policy
    • Autoscaling Strategies
  • Deployment Policy
    • Introduction to Deployment Policy
    • Capacity Planning with Deployment Policy
  • Partition Selection Algorithms

18th November

Load Balancer Component Architecture of Apache Stratos 4.0.0


  • Apache Synapse Mediation Framework
  • Load Balance Extension on Synapse
  • Event Driven Messaging Model
  • Load Balancer Component Architecture

Load Balancer Features

  • Load Balancing Algorithm Interface
  • Session Management
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Service/Subscription Aware Load Balancing

Load Balancer Extension API

  • Extension API Model
  • Reference Implementation for HAProxy
14th November

Overview of Stratos 4.0 Architecture


With the new architectural changes that will significantly improve Stratos capabilities and flexibility. In this hangout I am going to explain and discuss on following items,

  • make the overall architecture more resilient and pluggable by using a message bus as the core communication system
  • integrate both real-time and rule-based decision making into the decision making architecture
  • support both HTTP and non-HTTP traffic in an equal manner for load balancing and elastic scaling purposes
  • make the architecture support any LB, including hardware ones
  • dynamic LBs and capability of auto scaling of LBs
  • support composite application deployment
  • bring LXC container handling into the cloud controller
22th October 2013

Testing RC packs with EC2


Apache Stratos 3.0.0 Incubation RC4 release is just around the corner. I'm going to demonstrate how to test RC4 packs with EC2.

Following is the agenda :

  • How to configure stratos setup
  • Run the stratos setup and install apache stratos packs
  • Start the packs
  • Create a tenant and subscribe to the php and mysql cartridge
  • Demostrate wordpress sample

11th October 2013

Testing RC packs with OpenStack


At the movement, we are in the release of Apache Stratos 3.0.0 Incubation RC4. I'm going to demonstrate how to test RC4 packs with OpenStack.

Following is the agenda :

  • How to configure stratos setup
  • Run the stratos setup and install apache stratos packs
  • Start the packs
  • Create a tenant and subscribe to the php cartridge and demonstrate how it works
17th September

Discussion on RESTful API for Stratos Controller


At the moment, the Stratos admin interfaces are tightly coupled to Carbon admin services. Hence All the backend interfaces are exposed as web-services. This in turn has encouraged developers to develop stratos controller front-ends as Carbon UI components.

It is possible to develop Stratos backend interfaces as RESTful services. The initial proposal is to develop them as a seperate JAX-WS webapp. But the topic is open for discusssion.

This would allow Stratos developers to,

  • Create front-ends (simple web-apps) that make use of restful APIs.
  • Commandline tooling can make use of REST APIs as well.

Following is the agenda:

  • Carbon admin services and how frontend components interacts with them
  • Stratos controller API (existing) and its UI components.
  • What it takes to deploy a web-app in Carbon kernel
  • Accessing core OSGi services by means of CarbonContext API
  • JAX-RS web-app exposing admin services of Stratos - big picture
  • How Custom web-app frontend/command line tooling can interact with the deployed REST apis.
27th August

Apache Stratos Hangout V - The role of Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)


  • Introduction to Load Balancing
    • What is Load Balancing
    • Algorithms
    • Node Configuration Modes
    • Why is it called Elastic?
    • Purpose
    • Features

  • Component Architecture of Apache Stratos ELB
    • Auto Scaling Module
    • Synapse Mediation Framework
    • Apache Axis2 Clustering
    • Apache Tribes Group Management
    • Binary Relay

  • ELB's role in Apache Stratos PaaS
    • Apache Stratos Logical Architecture
    • Workflow
  • Auto-Scaling Process
    • Auto-Scaling Process
    • Configuration
    • Auto-scaling Algorithm
    • Plugging in Custom Algorithm
  • How to Avoid Single Point of Failure of ELB

13th August

Apache Stratos Hangout IV - Stratos Controller and CLI Internals


  • What is Stratos Controller?
  • How does Stratos Controller communicate with Cloud Controller?
  • Auto-scaling policies configuration
  • How does the Artifact Distribution Coordinator work?
  • How CLI works?
8th August

Apache Stratos Hangout III - Information Model of Cloud Controller


  • What are the configuration files used by Cloud Controller and where are they reside?
  • Explain each configuration file in detail.
  • Does Cloud Controller supports hot update and hot deployment of its configuration files?

1st August 2013

Apache Stratos Hangout II - Dive into cloud controller


  1. What is Cloud Controller (CC)?
  2. How does the architecture look like?
  3. How does the service topology get built?
  4. What is the Service Interface of Cloud Controller?
  5. What IaaS providers CC supports by default?
  6. How easy it is to provide support for a new IaaS provider?
18th July 2013

Apache Stratos First Hangout


  1. Meet the developers - introduction of the people working on Stratos and describing the role in Apache Stratos to date
  2. Stratos Architecture