Project Team

Apache Stratos is a community developed project. The list below is a partial list of contributors to the project, for a complete list you'd have to look at all contributors to our issue tracker, mailing list and version control.

PMC / Committers

Afkham Azeez
Akila Perera
Anh Tu Nguyen
Ant Elde
Chamila De Alwis
Chanaka Jayasena
Chris Snow
Dakshika Jayathilaka
Damitha Kumarage
Debo Dutta
Deepal Jayasinghe
Dinesh Bandara
Gayan Gunarathne
Imesh Gunaratne
Isuru Haththotuwa
Isuru Perera
Jason Daly
Jeffrey Nguyen
Joe Brockmeier
Jonathan Marsh
Lahiru Sandaruwan
Lakmal Warusawithana (Chair)
Lasindu Charith
Madhura Mendis
Manula Chathurika Thantriwatte
Mariangela Hills
Martin Eppel
Melan Nimesh
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya
Nirmal Fernando
Noah Slater
Paul Fremantle
Peter Linnell
Pradeep Fernando
Rajkumar Rajaratnam
Reka Thirunavakurussu
Sajith Kariyawasam
Samisa Abeysinghe
Suresh Marru
Udara Liyanage